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Join my sessions at IBM Think 2019

I’m honored to speak at IBM Think 2019 – IBM Flagship conference. It sounds unreal, but it is really happening. I’m delighted to invite you to my sessions. Read below, what is all about.

The first one – “IBM i and PowerVM: How Virtualization Helps with TCO, System
Management and Automation” talks about virtualization technologies in conjunction with Power System and IBM i. I speak how DHL was able to reduce costs of running the infrastructure using PowerVM features. More information can be found at the official Think agenda (link below). The session scheduled on Thursday 4:30pm in St. Regis hotel, level 3

The second session is the banger – I finally present a tool which is relief for all IBMi admins who does not like VIOS or don’t like to waste time by creating LPAR in the HMC, configuring virtual adapter in VIOS …….and installing the IBMi operating system. The tool uses innovative method how to clone the operating system. It does not use Flashcopy functionality, therefore the admin can clone IBMi OS hosted on any internal/EMC/IBM storage array just like that. In another words, the tool allows to create the LPAR and get fully patched OS with a system name, IP address configured in 15-30 min (depending on a storage speed) managed thru simple green screen interface only. No VIOS, no HMC, no storage commands/knowledge needed. It moves IBMi deployment to Cloud for everyone.

In order to see this, you need to visit IBM Champion Lounge in Moscone Center on Wednesday 1.30pm. The lounge is designed for IBM Champions only, but all blog readers are invited 🙂

Looking forward to meet you in SF.



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