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IBM i and PowerVM features and tools

Free consulting

I offer help regarding IBM POWER Systems, Virtual I/O Server (VIOS), HMC and IBM i operating system (former iSeries) as free online consulting for blog readers

  • If you are interested in optimal solution
  • Thinking about automation processes
  • Consulting regarding hardware configuration
  • If a configuration offered to you is convenient for your needs
  • Performance problems and tuning
  • How POWER Hypervisor works
  • How to build a hardware monitoring without accessing operating systems
  • Automation of PTF installation
  • Configuration unsupported hardware, software
  • And many more

I realize that most of these topics may be realized by a business partner, but if you want to discuss a topic with someone independent, I encourage to complete the form below. I’m a certified specialist and author of multiple Redbooks.

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