Execute IBMi command within multiple sessions

Recently I was asked how to execute a command typed in 5250 terminal among multiple sessions. For instance, when you need to create a library DEV on three systems, and you are lazy do copy/paste.

  The first thing which comes to my mind, “use MobaXterm soft”. MobaXterm is very handy terminal which supports multiple protocols, unfortunately it is only available for Windows. If you still interested, and you want to use it, download the soft from their website.

The interface offers functionality “MultiExec” – a single command is executed on all selected sessions.

Open all telnet sessions to systems when you want to execute a command, and select MultiExec

Next, just type in the command and hit Enter.

The command will be executed on all windows where MultiExec wasn’t deselected.Extremely easy

I know it is not native 5250 terminal, but it is better than nothing.


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