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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Monitor CPU, POOL utilization from PHYP cycles

It’s important to know a CPU capacity used by a system. In IBM i world, we have a licpgm – 5761PT1 Performance tools. But what if you run other OS’s than IBM i, on the same POWER box. Or you run LPARs in different shared processor pools ? The most efficient might be tracking CPU cycles dispatched by the POWER Hypervisor. In this post I show you, how to interpret performance data collected by a HMC, and how to allow IBM i collects and display dispatched CPU cycles.

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Live Partition Mobility on IBM i – step by step

It’s pretty new feature on IBM i, for AIX its availably since 2007. In VMware world its called VMotion. In my opinion it is still not very popular. Software vendors must still adopt their software for seamless migrations. But IBM gave us a technology which works very well.

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VIOS commands from IBM i point of view

Many IBM i administrators do afraid a VIOS shell. Yes, its different, completely different what we know from IBM i interface. In this post I want to show you a few commands which you know from a ‘green screen’ against  its equivalent in a VIOS shell.

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IBM i with external storage – support matrix

If you wonder what external storage can be directly attached to an IBM i, please check a document at the bottom. Read more of this post

Triple backplane – discrepancy between Redbook vs offical doc

In a Redbook I found a pretty serious discrepancy about disk drive location, if you run a triple split backplane. Read more of this post

Triple Split Backplane – hardware configuration

It’s just a heads up how to configure a P7 hardware, if you want to have a triple split backplane.

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