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Monthly Archives: November 2018

IBMi – copy the loadsource to a smaller disk

Me and many other technicians hate the limitation that the only supported way of migrating the Loadsource disk to a smaller LUN is save/restore IBMi OS. With the method described below, I was able to copy the Loadsource to the smaller disk, and it worked. Read more of this post


How to check LUN properties delivered to IBMi

Have you ever wonder if a LUN delivered from an external storage to your IBMi Lpar is thin provisioned,encrypted or provisioned thru SSD, you can do it from IBMi. Read below about hidden SST macro.

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What about my secret project?

In October I had a pleasure to attend IBM TechU 2018 in Rome. I will write few words about the conference in another post, but I’ve been asked several times what about my secret project. I have already disclosed some information in the November IBM Systems Magazine, so let me share few details. Read more of this post