How to check LUN properties delivered to IBMi

Have you ever wonder if a LUN delivered from an external storage to your IBMi Lpar is thin provisioned,encrypted or provisioned thru SSD, you can do it from IBMi. Read below about hidden SST macro.

In order to see a LUN characteristic on IBMi, you need either some basic storage skills or trust your storage colleagues. If you have none of them, you can still do it from your IBMi session.

In order to do so,

  1. go to SST and Start a service tool
  2. Display/Alter/Dump
  3. Display/Alter storage
  4. Licensed Internal Code (LIC) data
  5. Advanced analysis
  6. Type DUMPLD
  7. In the options type: -UNIT 1 (where number defines a LUN which you want to check)

You are going to see properties of the LUN.

Example of a LUN delivered from DS8k
Example of a LUN from EMC VMAX all SSD

Example of a LUN delivered from V7K

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