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IBM i and PowerVM features and tools

About me

First of all, I’m pleased to welcome you to my blog. My idea was to create a simple website, where a user can easily find information about IBM i/iSeries/System i/AS400 (so many names for the same system over the last 30 years),  AIX, Virtual I/O Server, PowerVM features, and POWER Systems. There are a number of sites about VIOS and IBM i, but I couldn’t find one where PowerVM features are described from the IBM i perspective. I’m also going to publish some simple scripts, and programs which I think might be useful.

Now, let’s move on to some background info about me. My name is Bartlomiej Grabowski, and I’ve been working as Principal System Support Specialist. Main areas of expertise include IBM i, AIX, PowerVM , VIOS, Power Systems hardware, external storage. Specifically, I have had the pleasure to work with solutions based on software, hardware replication, DS 8k, V7k,SVCs, independent ASP, and dozens of LPARs, and servers. Also, I have collaborated with IBM, and other experts creating several Redbook publications, and official IBM certification exams.

My profile you can find on the LinkedIn


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