Store Single Sign On configuration on iASP

In solutions where the iASP and Single Sign On (SSO) is configured the challenge is to set the synchronization of the Enterprise Identity Mapping (EIM) between Prod and DR nodes. Such replication is done via Tivoli Directory Server. This mechanism is not easy to set up, difficult to manage and monitoring. Unfortunately this the only solution what IBM provides (officially). In this article I provide the procedure how to simplify it.

I’ve been asked several times – “Is it possible to store SSO configuration on the independent ASP” and forget about Tivoli replication? Yes, it is possible. It simplifies EIM synchronization a lot. Why? – Because only one EIM DB is stored on the iASP. Therefore, if the system fail-over to DR location, exactly the same DB shows up on the other side. Read below how to do it.

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