I’m still alive – what my projects are

You didn’t see many posts from me recently. This is because I’m extremely busy. Below you can find some detailsNot sure if you already have seen this, but I was honored to gave an interview for IBM Systems Magazine some time ago. It was published in May edition. The interview can be found here.

For last few weeks/month I’m involved into two big projects.

  • Preparing a certification exam for POWER9 – This is the exam who anyone who wants to sell the latest POWER9 machines.
  • Redbook for POWER9 Scale Out machines. This is so demanding. We are working remotely with gathering all documents into three great books. One paper for S914, S922, S924. Second for LINUX only machine S922, and the last one for H922, H924 – SAP HANA POWER9 boxes. It all fun, but extremely lot of work.  We almost finished the papers, the drafts should be out within next days

Other big stuff for 2018

  • I will be presenting at COMMON Europe in Warsaw (Jun 17-20). Finally for the first time I will be talking about my new way IBMi migration. This is the idea which I’m actually trying to patent.
  • I hope to attend one more ‘secret project’ at IBM Austin – almost entire July.
  • Plan to present at IBM TechU in Rome (October)

If you want me to be a part of some event, you can contact me directly.

Update 12.June. Things going apart – two activities just gone. It is said, but I will still doing my best.



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