Few words about my blog

Dear readers,

Its been almost 5 months since I started with the blog. Number of views getting to 2000. I have visitors from some very exotic countries. And a lot positive feedback from you guys. Thank you!

Few words from me

  • If you want to contact me or you expect some interaction. Please use the ‘Contact me‘ tab.
  • The most popular topics of course are about the brand new features, hardware, but also these about PowerVM features used in IBM i world.
  • I have enormous number of comments. Big thanks for honest ones. But there is big number of Spam. Please accept my apologize if you asked to get in contact, and I didn’t reply. The provider has a Spam filter and most messages are qualified as Spam.
  • This blog is my private initiative. There is no IBM behind, there is no sponsorship by anyone.
  • I saw some question if I’m interested  write for another sites, magazines. Yes, I’m. But use Contact me page to speak about details.
  • You asked for some subscription method. Well, the side provides a RSS feed, and I always tweet (@gira79) about a new post. Please drop me ideas, how you’d like to be notified about new entry.
  • I’m going to add a survey – if you wish to receive an email notification about a new post
  • I probably will add an extra verification step for adding comments – to minimize number of spam


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