Perform a command across multiple IBM i systems

There is a very simple how to submit any IBM i command across multiple systems. The main requirement for it is the Management Central.

It’s very handy function when you want to perform a command against multiple systems and you are interested in the result. For instance, you can use it for varying off the tape library in order to perform some maintenance on the device.

To do so you need following:

  • System i Navigator
  • Management central running on every lpar
  • Synchronized password

Open System i Navigator and create a System Group. The group is a definition of systems. Against the group you call a command. You can have multiple groups

When you have the group created with multiple system, right click the mouse button and select Run Command..

system group_runcmd

Type the command which you want to perform and hit OK


You can see the result if the command been successful


or unsuccessful


The management central may be used for many others things, such as creating users, synchronizing system values.

One thought on “Perform a command across multiple IBM i systems

  1. I use this all the time in System i Navigator. Sad that it’s not included (or I have not found the same) in Navigator for I, the product that supersedes System i Navigator.

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