IBM TechU London 2016

Last week I spent at the Technical University in London. It was a great conference. As always I learnt a lot, met a lot of friends, seen a lot of interesting technologies and concepts. The conference was very special for me, because I was given the opportunity to join a poster session.

Presenters were asked to prepare posters with interesting content, and show it on Thursday evening. At the beginning I afraid a lot. I was surrendered by top IBMers who are either leading product managers or worldwide known specialist, for instance: Nigel Griffiths, Steve Finnes, Scott Forstie, David Painter, Morten Rasmussen and others. But I made it. It was great opportunity to share the most popular topics from my blog and network with people. It was absolutely great experience. So many people already knew my blog and appreciated the content. Thank you very much for all of you who came down!

You don’t know how important for me it was to hear that you like the blog and you like the content. It gave me a lot of energy to continue the hard work.

This was the Europe conference and success was astonishing. But my blog has the major number of views from the U.S. It would be great if could also visit an American conference one day. Who knows, maybe I will be given such opportunity some day. img_0550


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