Enable classic HMC GUI on release V9R1 – locked with HMC fix

How many of you are missing the old classic HMC GUI? Since version V8R8.7.0 we can run only new Enhanced GUI+ interface. Thus, POWER9 machines can be managed only by the Enhanced+ interface, right? In this post you can find a procedure how to start the classic GUI. even on the HMC running latest FW9.1.

Update: July 16th 2020 – the Classing interface “backdoor” has been locked by the newest HMC fix MH01859 from May 22nd 2020. The fix brings some general improvements, and in the meantime is locking the known way start the classic HMC interface. If I discover some other method how to open the old interface I will publish it. I’m not the person who afraid/do not like changes, but the new Enhanced interface does not offer some functions as old did, and in my opinion the advanced users work slower with the new interface. That is why I was still using the old one.

Some IBMers would hate me for this post but I need to share this with community 🙂 I’m not against the new interface, I think IBM is heading the right way in order to automate and simplify things, but the new GUI unfortunately is far away from functionality and controlling which offered the old interface. Especially for the advanced users.

Update: October 2nd 2019 – Use following URL (https://hmc_hostname/hmc/connect?j_newConsole=No)  and it takes you directly to the old interface. Thank you quadz 🙂 – community rocks!

Let’s get down to the business. Starting the old interface is extremely easy. We just need to call different Java class in a browser and that’s it.

  1. Open the HMC login page in FireFox or Chrome and hit F12 to enable debugging tools.
  2. Enter UserID and password but do not hit Enter
  3. From the debugging tools menu, select an icon which allow you to select an element on the page
  4. Hover mouse to Sign In button, and click left mouse button. Part of the HTML code should highlight in the Inspector tab, as shown below
  5. These are the parameters used for calling the class. Go to section defining “labelblueNamePanel” double click on “value” and change from “Dashboard” to “No” and hit enter.
  6. If UserID and password fields are entered on the login page, hit Sign In button, and you should get the old, well known GUI interface

Unfortunately, you need to do this magic every time when you want to enter the old interface. I’m not a html guru, but I assume someone could come up with a script which would call the old interface automatically. If you are able to do one, please let me know and I can share with the community.

So, the next question which probably majority of the audience would have. Can I manage POWER9 with the old interface? Yes you can. I tried few operations against POWER8 and POWER9 and work well. Of course, I did not tried every single command, and I’m not getting responsibility if you damage something.

Enjoy 🙂

5 thoughts on “Enable classic HMC GUI on release V9R1 – locked with HMC fix

      1. fix MH01859 is part of Version 9 Release 1 Maintenance 941 (V9 R1 M941)
        thanks a lot if you find a way to use old GUI again !

    1. It is blocked by IBM. All fixes from MH01859 onward block this functionality. I did play only a little with the “locked console” and did not find the ‘backdoor’ yet.

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