Redbook residency – Austin september 2014

Last weeks I spent in IBM Austin, where I worked on another Redbook related to new servers.

If you follow my blog, you know that I’ve already done similar project in Q2. Where we made 4 books in total. Three of them were about scale-out Power8 models, and one about the SR-IOV.

I can’t speak too much here, because again, I have signed the NDA, and things are still not announced yet. I can only say that something has been already exposed by IBM, for instance  here.

I will share my observations and the most important features, as soon as the thing will be officially announced.  At this moment I can only say,  its very impressive 🙂

Regarding the residency itself, it was again demanding, but not that stressful and busy as the one before. We were group of 4, from Korea, England, Brazil and the Czech Republic/Poland, and Scott – the project leader. Again we had a lot of fun with creating the book, diagrams, sharing experience and meeting with developers. Each of us had different experience from the field, but as a group we perfectly fit.

Austin 2014 Austin 2014_2

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