SR-IOV on POWER8 and P7+ withdrawal

  1. Feb 24th IBM finally announced SR-IOV support for enterprise POWER8 models (E870, E880).
  2. If you run workload on a MMA/MMC/MMB/MHC/MHB/595 server, and you are thinking about upgrade to a POWER8 model, you have only 9 months to go. Otherwise, you will lose your serial number!

  1. Finally SR-IOV on POWER8. So far, only for enterprise models but at least something. Firmware is still not available on the FixCentral, but GA is scheduled for March 6th. I’m not sure what about the HMC firmware. There is no information about SR-IOV support in 8.8.2 SP1.
  2. Also IBM announced hardware withdrawal for many POWER7+ servers. There are a lot of POWER8 models already purchasable which are more efficient/faster/better, but this is a big thing for many customers which still didn’t upgrade older models to POWER7+. If they don’t make it by November 30th, probably they will lose the serial number. Just for reminder, it is possible to upgrade to POWER8 only from P7+ models. The withdrawal information here

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