Create an LPAR with specific WWPNs

By the command below an LPAR can be created with specific WWPNs, of course if you use NPIV adapters. It can be useful for LPARS migration between servers. It is extremely dangerous command, therefore it should be used only by people who knows what is for.I used this command to create LPARs on new POWER8 servers with exactly the same configuration what existed on old POWER7. Therefore, the entire migration process to the new hardware was about to power off an LPAR on POWER7, and power on at POWER8 machine. We may say that I did inactive Live Partition Mobility migration, but I don’t need the PowerVM Enterprise license for it.

This entire process must be done very careful, because YOU CANNOT login to a fabric switch two hosts with the same WWPNs at the same time. I believe you would kill SAN if you would do it. Therefore, be very careful if you decide to do it. To create an LPAR use the command below against the HMC CLI.

mksyscfg -m SERVER -r lpar -i ‘name=LPARname,profile_name=Profilename,lpar_id=10,lpar_env=os400,min_mem=1024, desired_mem=2048,max_mem=2048,mem_mode=ded,proc_mode=shared,min_proc_units=0.05, desired_proc_units=0.1,max_proc_units=2.0,min_procs=1,desired_procs=1,max_procs=2, sharing_mode=uncap,uncap_weight=128,shared_proc_pool_id=1,max_virtual_slots=10, “virtual_eth_adapters=2/0/70//0/0/Ethernet0//all/none”, “virtual_fc_adapters=””2/client/17/VIOS1/11/c050760828120001,c050760828120002/1″”,
“”3/client/17/VIOS1/12/c050760828120003,c050760828120004/0″”, “”4/client/18/VIOS2/11/c050760828120005,c050760828120006/1″””, console_slot=hmc’

To do the migration, I wrote down all lpars configuration using command

 lssyscfg  -r prof -m SERVER

And modified the output to the format which match mksyscfg syntax above.


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