IBM TechU Prague 2017 – finally as a speaker

Finally this is happening! After all these years I’ve been given an opportunity to speak, present, teach others about technologies where I find myself very confident and have experience which should be shared among the community. I will be a speaker at IBM Technical University

My first public international presentation happened at the LUG , which took place in Rochester. I’ve presented one of my tools helping in automation and quick deployment. At Prague’s TechU I will have two sessions on Wednesday November 8th. Both will be run under DHL logo. I will be presenting technologies from the customer point of view (the challenge was to get a spot at IBM conference, and also get all approvals within DHL to do a presentation at the public event).

First, is going to talk about PowerHA for IBMi. The format of the presentation will be different what we usually get from IBM speaker. I will be talking about main technologies used for High Availability solutions. Metro Mirror with the iASP and Administrative Domain configuration for the most critical solutions, Full system replication solution – where the entire OS is replicated via hardware replication and a software replication. I’m going to talk about challenges, and outcome related with each technology.

Second session will be about PowerVM and IBMi. My main focus will be VIOS features which help companies to save money, automate operations or provide new functionality. There will be a lot of topics from my blog. VIOS features with reference to some IBM i functions. I know that IBMi community still struggle with the VIO interface. I just want to share my best practices. I’m damn sure that people will appreciate.

Last but not least will be a ‘Poster Session’. It is similar event, as a year ago in London, where anyone can host a stand, and chat with the technical community. I’m planning to present few more topics and my personal projects which I’m doing aside – blog, tools, etc.

Anyway, If you are planning to visit IBM TechU, and you are familiar with my blog or for any reason feeling interested in any topics – join my sessions 🙂

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