IBM Technical University 2017 summary

Finally, short summary about the great conference which was IBM Technical University at Prague. Again, it was amazing event with excellent content, people and absolutely astonishing knowledge sharing.

For the first time, I was given the opportunity to speak at two sessions. There were about PowerHA for i, and PowerVM. Both were sort of best practices presentations from an user/customer point of view. I did not cover every single feature, only talked about technologies which we use, implemented or where were the hitches, obstacles, etc. PowerHA session gather 60, and PowerVM about 25 people which was sort of surprise, because I expected other way around. In overall, I received very positive feedback, but I know there are things which I need to improve. From the other hand, it was my first presentation on such professional event.

I want to ask anyone who joins such events and is asked to leave a feedback afterwards. If for some reason you did not like either the content or presentation skills, please leave a comment what should be improved. This is very difficult if the feedback is negative but none comment left.

Aside of my sessions, I very much enjoyed presentations from known good speakers: Jeff Stuecheli, Bill Starke, David Painter, Steve Will, Jim Blue but also discovered few ‘new for me’ presenters: Glenn Anderson or Thomas Barlen. Glenn is an amazing presenter, he does soft skills presentations, but it is just pleasure to join his sessions. He is a role model for anyone who does a public speech. Thomas is also very good presenter, and I enjoyed the security session very much. He made very interesting presentation from ‘boring’ topic – security 🙂

I was asked several times about ‘new migration technique’ which I tweeted about it. I’m not trying to ‘blow a balloon’ and make noise around me.  I will write a separate post about this and another tool, but the main reason why I still did not publish, is the fact that I’m trying to get this thing patented as innovate solution.

In summary, I got very positive feedback from IBMers and the audience.  I hope I would get another chance to do similar presentations again. Below, you can find my pictures and official IBM movie about the event.

 The Hilton lobby was very impressive made


Trying to consume more power! POWER9 wafer  It was 2nd processor wafer which I had pleasure to see. Thank to Jeff S, in 2014 I also enjoyed POWER8.


  Before my PowerHA session..



Official event video

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